Distribution Strategy

The Lives Well Lived Distribution Flow Chart.jpg

People will be inspired...

The team at The Lives Well Lived is dedicated to telling inspiring stories through micro-documentaries using award winning filmmakers. As a result we take pride in making them available to a wide audience. Our distribution plan encompasses a wide range of channels like social media, film festivals and television. Our goal is to get more people to hear the stories and we know we have the skill and the background to do that successfully.

Our partners count on us to make sure these stories get the buzz behind them they deserve. As a brand partner you know more people will hear about your products and give you credit for stepping out ahead of your competitors. As Executive Producers you will be recognized for your innovation and keen eye for a great opportunity. As filmmakers you will become known for your brilliant work and get to tell incredible stories all while having creative control.

What do we get out of this? Well we get to inspire people to fall in love with the natural world... That's all we have ever wanted to do! 

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