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Those that create the micro documentaries about The Lives Well Lived are a rare breed. As an aspiring member of the team there are a few things you need to understand before you get involved. 

1. We love the outdoors. You must truly be passionate about wanting to share the outdoors with others if you don't love it and you don't want others to love it then don't bother reading any further.

2. We are looking for passion and with passion comes excellence. When we decided to start The Lives Well Lived we wanted to create award winning stories. Our goal would be to be recognized for cinematography, directing, editing, producing, music etc. When we make a micro doc our goal is to win awards. If you are looking for a pay check then move along. Although you get paid you are a team member because you are going to bring all of your passion and drive to the group. There is no half way here.

3. We are project based. Each micro documentary is unique in it's own way and just because you are hired for one doesn't mean you will be hired for another. Those who work on these projects all have other streams of income and we recommend that you do too. Be prepared though, because when you work on one of The Lives Well Lived films you will see a boost in traffic to your portfolio. People love our work and they will want to hire you! That is awesome and we hope they do!

If you still want to get involved fill out the form below and one of our producers will get in touch with you.


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We are only interested in hiring people to do what they love and what they are the best at doing. Don't tell us what you can do. Tell us what would make you excited to do and be paid for it.